Thyme To Order (Local Only)

Once a month an order will go out for Starwest Botanicals and Frontier products.

If you order through me, you pay 15% less than the retail item price. No shipping. No taxes. (And an additional 15% off the retail price if you pay with cryptocurrency.)

If you wish to add any of my Tinctures in Stock to your order, you pay 15% less than my in-shop price of $25, plus I cover the taxes. That makes your cost effectively 24.5% less than when you buy it in my shop! In other words, during a Thyme To Order submission only, you are effectively only paying $18.88 plus tax.  That’s an out-the-door payment of $21.25 per bottle for any tincture. Stock is limited, especially on some tinctures, so orders will be filled as they are received until there is no more in stock for that particular tincture.

Once your order arrives, I notify you and deliver to Harvest Time Natural Foods or Lobelville Library or you can pick it up at my shop.

What are examples of what you can order? Here are some items people have ordered from me in the past. Have one or two (or more) items you think should be added to this list so others will know about it? Let me know in the comments below.

Want to add your order? I have simplified the process! Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to Thyme To Order Signup form at bottom of this page to be notified via the Thyme To Order Newsletter of deadline to submit next order.
  2. Pick up a blank order from from the Lobelville Library OR scroll down to download and print the PDF order form by clicking on the link that is located just below the illustration of PDF form and before the signup form, OR CALL ME TO SEND YOU THE FORM.
  3.  Fill in your name, email and/or phone number so that I can contact you when your order arrives.
  4. Go to Frontier and/or Starwest Botanicals websites. (Click here or on the PDF form below or in the Thyme To Order newsletter).
  5. Decide which items from Frontier and/or Starwest Botanicals you would like to order.
  6. Interested in my tinctures? Click on this link to see which Tinctures are in stock and decide which you would like to order.
  7. In the first column of the order form fill in the retail prices that were listed on the website for these items. (Put $25 in that column for any tinctures you want to order.)
  8. In the second column add the quantity that you want of each item.
  9. In the third colum put in pertinent descriptions to make sure I order for you the correct items.
  10. That’s it! Don’t worry about the other columns. They will be filled in for your receipt when you pick up your order.
  11. Call me, email me the form or click the Contact Thyme on my website and enter in the comments section to give me your order. If you call and get my voicemail, mention Thyme To Order and leave name and number so I can call you back.

If you have the free program LibreOffice Calc and would rather fill the spreadsheet form out on your computer, click on Contact Thyme and request the ODS file be emailed to you.

Please share with others living in Perry County and the surrounding counties who might be interested in participating in

Thyme To Order

Here is what the order form looks like:

If you only see a gray box below, move your cursor in the gray box and in the upper right corner a little black square box with a white square and arrow will appear. When you hover over it with your cursor, you see “Pop-out”. Click on the black square to open another window where you will then be able to see the list.

Download (PDF, 240KB)

Thyme To Order Signup