Making Tinctures: Beyond the Folk Method

My book titled Making Tinctures: Beyond the Folk Method is available at in both Kindle and paperback format. The paperback is also available at You can click on the image of the book on the left to go directly to the sales page. (If you have all ads blocked, you will not see the image. You can click on the title of the book above to get to the sales page for my book.)

To purchase the paperback version of my book from, click on the image on the right. You will have to register with CreateSpace to secure your financial information, just like you do with For a 10% discount on the price at CreateSpace, enter the discount code MWCB2R4V.Making Tinctures

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I wrote this book to teach people how to use formulas of strength and alcohol percentage in order to make tinctures with more consistent potency than can be accomplished using the folk method. This book is written for all levels of herbalists, from the “newbie” to the Master Herbalist. If you have never made tinctures before or if you only know how to make tinctures using the folk method, this book will show you the step-by-step process to make tinctures using the weight to volume (w/v) method.

And if you are the Master Herbalist who already uses the w/v method, but have not found the formulas you need, this book will give you 46 formulas, as well as information on how to find more. The equations needed to calculate the amount of ingredients required to make the tinctures are also explained. One chapter describes how you can use the equations to create a spreadsheet to automate the calculations. This is the book I needed when I first started making tinctures to sell at my shop. Since I could not find one concise comprehensive book like this, I had to figure all this out for myself. So now I share it, so that you don’t have to figure it all out yourself.

Author, Master Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, creator and owner of Thyme Wisper Herb Shop Inc and Thyme's Tinctures online store.

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