Herbal Remedies

As a Master Herbalist, I am trained to know how to formulate and prepare the appropriate herbs for a particular condition. So what does ‘formulate” mean? It is the process of determining which and what combination of herbs are needed to make a remedy.

During my studies I learned about the actions of herbs. As the renowned Master Herbalist David Hoffmann explains, herbal actions reflect the ways in which remedies affect human physiology. Actions are a categorization of herbs based on an understanding of what problems they can treat. Some examples of actions have been explained in articles I have written. Remember the article that explained carminative? Several articles have discussed the anti-inflammatory action. As I discuss herbs throughout this web site, I include what are the actions of those herbs that are pertinent to the discussion.

Besides actions, herbs are selected based on the specific affinity they have for certain organs, body systems, or specific tissues. System affinity of an herb will enhance the general health of the organ or body system and can be used freely as a tonic. These same herbs provide support and strengthen treatment for a condition, when combined with remedies that are based on the needed herbal actions.

Another consideration is that of selecting specific remedies for the illness. There are many plants that through the generations of herbal knowledge have been identified as specific for the treatment of certain illnesses. This also includes combinations that are traditional remedies for specific conditions.

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