What Herb “Cures all”?

Do you know which herb is good for almost any disease or infection, improves circulation, and maintains healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels? And it is also a natural antibiotic and boosts the immune system. But that’s not all. It also prevents or clears bacterial infection, lowers fever by increasing perspiration, and reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels. It is even an expectorant! But that still is not the end of it. It also fights acne, age spots, ringworm, lupus and abscesses on the skin. It has also been used in treating upper respiratory infections (especially bronchitis), urinary infections, asthma, sinusitis, arthritis, and ulcers. And it even prevents weight gain! Hint: It has been called the stinking rose.

Yes, garlic is an amazing plant that truly deserves its reputation as the “cure-all” herb.

The garlic bulb contains the amino acid allicin. When crushed, allicin is released. This chemical element is the component that gives it the strong pungent odor, and is responsible for the powerful medicinal properties of the plant. One medium clove can equal the antibacterial action equivalent to 1% penicillin!

It also contains an oil that is composed of sulfur-containing compounds. These sulfur compounds, as well as Selenium and Vitamins A and C containing compounds, make it a potent antioxidant which protects cell membranes and DNA from damage and disease. The National Cancer Institute (January 1992) reported that people who ate the greatest amount of onions and garlic had the lowest incidence of stomach cancer.

I try to eat the recommended two cloves a day by crushing the cloves and putting them in my salad, wrap or whatever meal I am preparing for lunch or dinner. Research has shown that garlic forms allicin steadily and in regular spurts rather than all at once. So it is better to let it set for a 15 minutes to an hour before using it in order to build up a greater amount of allicin. Crushing garlic is always the first step in my meal preparations.

I also keep Garlic Oil as part of my first aid ‘kit’. I use it as a topical application for skin problems such as athlete’s foot, age spots, varicose veins or acne. I even use it for bug bite wounds (saved my leg using it on the wound from a spider bite as my leg turned red and swelled!)

Garlic Oil

  • 8 oz garlic, peeled and minced
  • Olive oil, warm

Place the garlic in a large jar and add enough oil to cover the garlic.
Shake and allow to rest in a warm place for two to three days.
Strain the oil through cotton or muslin until all traces of garlic have been removed. Any remaining pieces can cause mold.
Bottle in a dark jar and keep refrigerated.

Garlic should not be eaten prior to some surgical or dental procedures due to an increased risk of bleeding. Caution is urged for people who have bleeding disorders or who take blood thinning medications (anticoagulants, aspirin/anti-platelet agents, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen) or herbs/supplements that may increase the risk of bleeding. An adjustment of dosage may be necessary.

Enjoy good health. Eat garlic!

Author, Master Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, creator and owner of Thyme Wisper Herb Shop Inc and Thyme's Tinctures online store.

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