Here we go again… New Website

You may have noticed I rebuilt my website… it’s a long story, but the end of it is that I had to reenter every article I could salvage from the old website and from printed copies. I lost many articles and some I chose not to take the time to re-enter. For example, all the recipes from when I ran the Tea Room are lost. The worst thing is that people all over the world who linked to specific articles now have nonfunctional links. The articles that have been rewritten have the original published dates on them and are now listed as posts in my Thyme for Health blog.

Fortunately the link to my website homepage is still the same. Just previous links to specific articles no longer work.

Note that my website is now secured. You can see the https:// in front of the name of my website and there should be a little lock showing in the address bar. (Go ahead. Look.) So you can be assured that you really are on MY website. This is important since I hope to … (drum roll…) start selling my tinctures online soon in an online store to be named Thyme’s Tinctures (of course!). Nowadays security is an imperative.

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Safe Herbal Remedies for Infants

I originally wrote this article in August 2011. Since one of my resources for the original article was Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Remedies for CHILDREN’S HEALTH, a book that a second edition has since been published, I felt that an update of my article was due as well. Her second edition has a change in title from the first edition, becoming Herbs for Children’s Health and also includes a subtitle How to Make and Use Gentle Herbal Remedies for Soothing Common Ailments , which suggested to me the main reason for the changes, additions, and removals in the first edition. After reviewing and comparing the two editions, I have to agree that the second edition’s focus on herbs and on “gentle” makes this book a well written, updated AND EXPANDED version of the first edition.

Although her book covers all children, not just infants, in this article I would like to focus on the infant. An infant is not “just a very little adult”. An infant’s little body can not be expected to be able to just take much less of an herb compared to what an adult would take. The time it takes for an herb constituent (or a drug, for that matter) to travel through an infant’s gastrointestinal system is much more delayed than it is through an adult or older child. And an infant has lower levels of enzymes which impacts the metabolism. So herbs need to be selected with care and dosages carefully monitored. If you are a mother who is nursing, be aware that any herbs you take are being passed to the infant! This is why I applaud Rosemary Gladstar’s focus on herbs in her second edition.

There are tried and true (and safe) remedies for many of the conditions that infants experience. Some of the examples I provide are from Rosemary Gladstar’s book. She gives MANY more remedies, descriptions of herbs used and much more. So if you have children, I highly recommend you get this book.

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