What happened to the raisins?

raisinsOne article from my old website that I chose not to rewrite for this new website was titled “I eat these daily”. It was all about raisins and how good they are for you. So why didn’t I rewrite that article? Are they NOT good for you? That last question came to my mind when I discovered that the resources behind the links in the article were no longer there. In particular, the World’s Healthiest Foods website apparently deleted the article. In fact I discovered that if I did a search for raisins on the World’s Healthiest Foods, absolutely nothing came up. Not a recipe. Not that raisins were bad for you. Just nothing. So I thought maybe dried fruits in general were now considered not to be the healthiest. Doing a search on dried fruits on the Worlds’s Healthiest Foods web site did not present any article specifically on the subject of dried fruits. So why was it removed?

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Open For Business

Yes! Thyme’s Tinctures Store is all set up, links checked and twelve different kinds of tinctures (so far) are on display. I have lots of tinctures to add, but those yet to be added need to have their pictures taken and then their images prepared for proper display in theĀ online store. Then of course their descriptions need to be added so that you will know why you would take them, what are the safety concerns, and when and how much to take. And for those of you who may want to make a specific tincture yourself (following the instructions from my book), the information (alcohol percentage and tincture strength) you would need are also provided. If you would like a specific tincture added first, let me know which one in the comment form below and if that is one already bottled or ready to bottle, I will do it first.

I suspect most of you will be surprised that besides US dollars, cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment in my online store. But believe it or not, more and more online stores are accepting at least bitcoin, including big stores like Overstock.com, Walmart.com and Target.com. And there are many restaurants and coffee shops (including Starbucks) accepting cryptocurrency payment as well. Many directories are available to let you know where bitcoin is accepted from all over the world. Here are just some of them.

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