Physically, Mentally, Emotionally Surviving Being Scammed.

Yes, I was scammed. Over a 5 month period of time, although I didn’t realize it until the fourth month. I was sensing something was not quite right during the 3rd month, but found excuses other than the plain truth, the reality, that I was being scammed. This all happened last year, so why am I writing about it this year? The truth is, I was not ready to publicly admit to what happened. I had to heal, in my own way, in my own time.

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Herbal Answer For Pain

Nowadays there is a huge market for pain relief. On television, on the radio, in newspapers and magazines, and on the billboards along the roadways, the push for pain medications and pain management centers is a constant bombardment. Endorsed and sponsored by the medical profession and the insurance companies, the industry of pain has resulted in a major addiction among the population, resulting in a pharmaceutical black market and prison expansion and broken homes. All for what once was handled most of the time by a simple pill called aspirin.

Not that aspirin was/is perfect. With excessive or prolong use, the potential for a bleeding stomach increased. Yet if what makes aspirin work had not been put into a pill, but left in its herbal state, even that potential would disappear. Why do I say that? Read more ›

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